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  1.The time is passing. .时间在流逝。


  2.One day, has not been able again to come. 一天过完,不会再来。


  3.The education level represents the income. .教育程度代表收入。


  4.Not matter of the today will drag tomorrow. 勿将今日之事拖到明日。


  5.Today does not walk, will have to run tomorrow. 今天不走,明天要跑。


  6.Please enjoy the pain which is unable to avoid. 请享受无法回避的痛苦。


  7.Has not been difficult, then does not have attains.没有艰辛,便无所获。


  8.The dog equally study, the gentleman equally plays. 狗一样地学,绅士一样地玩。


  9.Now drips the saliva, will become tomorrow the tear. 现在淌的哈喇子,将成为明天的眼泪。


  10.Thought is already is late, exactly is the earliest time. 觉得为时已晚的时候,恰恰是最早的时候。


  11.Even if the present, the match does not